Learning for your organization

Collaborate with our expert faculty to create a learning experience that benefits the unique goals of your organization. Our tailored programs adapt our world-class open-enrollment courses with custom elements focused on your firm’s culture and strategy. The resulting program design is unique to your firm, with learning outcomes tailored for your development goals.

Our faculty focus on understanding the needs of your organization to define the strategic objectives for your tailored course. Leveraging our experience consulting with other top organizations, we collaborate with you to design a program that uses the right set of educational methods, engages and motivates your employees, and delivers results for your organization.

We also ensure that your participants experience Duke beyond the classroom with unique opportunities and access to resources across the University. Each individual participant in your tailored program will earn a Certificate of Completion from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business signed by the Dean.

Tailored Programs

Tailored programs can be developed around any of our existing Executive Education programs; we also have two that are not currently offered on an open enrollment basis.

The Global Leadership Workshop provides tools to lead diverse, geographically dispersed groups. Drawing on research in organizational behavior, sociology, psychology and political science, participants learn how to adapt their leadership style when supervising or leveraging the strengths of a global team.

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Understanding what has driven the unrelenting disruption in the medical device industry is critical for leaders looking to create sustainable company growth. In this fast-paced, 2-day program, participants ascertain new perspectives on change, developing practical skills and methodologies to ensure future growth and success on a global basis.

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Contact us at execed-info@duke.edu to learn more about these and other tailored programs and to discuss your specific program needs.