Lead across any divide

Learn how to adjust your leadership style in different contexts as you deepen your understanding of the cultural, gender, and generational differences inherent in managing people. Drawing on research in organizational behavior, sociology, psychology and political science, the Global Leadership Workshop helps you adapt your approach in order to become more inclusive and inspirational. Providing specific tools necessary to lead diverse and geographically dispersed groups, this program creates insights around key issues. You'll develop a personalized action plan to build collaboration within—and strength across—any kind of team.

Who Should Attend?

Professionals who supervise teams, contractors located in different countries, or executives who need to navigate cultural, generational or gender diversity will benefit from this curriculum.

Program Availability 

This program is available upon request. Please contact us if you're interested in tailoring this program for your organization.

More About the Program

Your instructors will delve into different areas of leadership as they connect to cultural, generational, or gender diversity. The course material is designed to ensure you’ll expand your abilities to handle the formidable challenges associated with leading globally diverse teams.

Discussion Topics

  • Six Domains of Leadership
  • Challenges of Distance and Difference for Leaders
    • A model for leadership
    • Value sorts
    • Divides mapping
  • Leading Across Cultures and Generations
  • Leading Across Gender Differences
  • Leadership Actions and Metrics

Program Objectives

At the conclusion of the program you’ll be able to:

  • Exercise your personal leadership across distance and difference.
  • Lead younger and older reports and associates.
  • Understand how cultural differences affect leadership best practices.
  • Appreciate others' cultural values.
  • Understand the differences between leading women and leading men.
  • Modify your leadership style to reach people of different disciplines or professional training.

Prepare for a 3-day immersion in advanced leadership.  Drawing insights from a pre-workshop survey on cultural differences, faculty engage you in lively debate and analysis with classmates from a range of industries and functions. A combination of case studies and innovative exercises help you develop a unique, personalized action plan to narrow the gap between you and your teams.

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